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Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution
Our Playbook readers are in front of the changing market because they get monthly signals and insights about everything cannabinoids, delivered in one report.
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Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution

About the Playbook

One Report, Once a Month, Covering Everything in the Cannabinoid Industry

20+ Pages Long
Analysis of current &
future climate
Insights, trends and predictions to gain market share
Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution
Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution
Stay Ahead of the
Cannabis industry

Stay up to date on the entire cannabis & hemp industry

Get over 100 hours of our expert research summarized in one easy to read report

Our experts sift through endless amounts of research reports and private conversations, then summarize our findings into action items. 

Birdseye view of the entire cannabinoid industry

Stay current on news, in front of market trends, and regulations in our evolving industry

Your supply chain completely covered for CBD & THC

We analyze every detail in the space to turn the current events into action items so you can stay agile and competitive.

Proactive Vs. Reactive

We translate the signals, data and insider conversations so you can solve problems before they affect you.

Included in Every Issue

From executive-level strategy to technical know-how, our actionable insights keep you ahead of the pack!

Unfiltered Orginal Analysis

Our projection models push you to the forefront of trends

Challenge Assumptions

Unique research-based perspectives help you break free from conformity

Uncover Hidden Signals

We dissect information to strategize where you should be looking

Keep a Pulse on the Industry

Complete Industry Overview

Complete market analysis

Turn Data Points into Action Items

Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution

Read by 4500+ active subscribers including              CEO's of the biggest players in the cannabis space

In our industry, we always have more questions than answers. Eighth Revolution’s Monthly Playbook converts the complexity of this ever-changing industry into an action-based understanding. 

8th Revolution breaks down exactly where the industry is and, more importantly, where it’s going to be in the near term, they’ve helped us cut costs and continue to drive the bottom line. 

The Monthly Playbook is a MUST READ for anyone in the Cannabis or Hemp Industry

With all the industry noise, 8th Rev is one of the most effective resources that the industry’s inner circle utilizes, and their vision and ability to digest informational signals and ques is a must!

About Eighth Revolution

Eighth Revolution provides services from Capital to Cannabinoid and everything in between.

Our team of experts possesses best practices of both business and scientific backgrounds to provide a unique analytical approach. As service providers for the cannabis industry, our mission is to help you grow profits and market share. Whether you need help with license acquisitions, facility design, equipment selection, optimization of your process, strategic research, or informational guidance we are here to support you every step of the way.  Your success is our success.

Everything you need to know

Every month our team spends 100s of hours summarizing our findings. You will receive the playbook on or about the 1st of the month every single month.

Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution

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Cannabinoid Monthly Report, 8th Revolution
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